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Introduction of Cocoon-Health’s Dr. John Joseph M.D. Blog on Alternative Therapies and Herbal Remedies

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Dr John

Cocoon Health, is your source for Alternative Therapies and Herbal remedies! Cocoon Health has been bringing the latest news in Naturopathic, complimentary medicine in the alternative medicine industry for over 10 years.

We would like to Introduce a new member to the Cocoon-Health Team. Dr. John Joseph M.D. Dr. John has practiced Medicine for 40 years. He graduated from Temple University in 1969. He has taught Medicine at The University of Maryland and Georgetown University.

Natural Remedies has always interested Dr. John.  He has been a big advocate for the importance of nutrition, for an optimal immune system to help heal the body. Dr. John will be blogging about Alternative therapies and herbal therapies regularly along with the latest conventional breakthroughs in medicine.

Complimentary Medicine, Is The Use of Alternative Medicines with Conventional Medicines. This has been a focal point for Cocoon Health for years now! We believe in the use of Natural remedies first! The facts that our food, Water and medical System is Corrupted by Money, Big Pharma and certain government agencies! The FDA and The AMA both,  we believe play a major part in the Cover-up of natural Remedies. We will try to uncover the truth’s and myth’s about Alternative remedies.


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